Russell Crowe Walks Out Of BBC Interview, Swearing

Russell Crowe, in Cannes for "Robin Hood," got up and walked out in the middle of a BBC radio interview.

Interviewer Mark Lawson first irritated Crowe by innocently asking about his accent in the film, saying he heard a hint of Irish.

An unhappy Crowe responded, "You've got dead ears, mate, seriously dead ears if you think there's an Irish accent."

After Crowe rambles a few minutes about the character's genesis, Lawson asks if the accent is more northern English.

Crowe replies, "No I was going for an Italian, yeah. Missed it? Fuck me. Anyway"

But the final nail that made Crowe stand and just leave was when Lawson asked him about a newly published anecdote that says, during "Gladiator" filming, Crowe didn't want to say the famous line, "I'll take my revenge in this life or the next."

Rather than answer, Crowe unhooks himself and walks out, saying, "I don't get the Irish thing by the way."