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Russell Simmons' "The Happy Vegan," Plus Yoga and Meditation Tips

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For someone like me who is into meditation and yoga and who is now slowly transitioning into the vegan lifestyle I found Russell Simmons' new book "The Happy Vegan: A Guide to Living a Long, Healthy, and Successful Life" to be an incredible guide into veganism. If you are considering changing your lifestyle this is a must read!

Russell Simmons shows the importance of veganism in his new book, "The Happy Vegan: A Guide to Living a Long, Healthy, and Successful Life." Where he discusses not only the benefits of eating a vegan diet but the science and effects of eating and NOT eating a vegan diet. Also, he shares tips and things that he has learned throughout his journey as a vegan. While motivating and encouraging people to transform their lives. Another topic he mentions throughout the book is the importance of yoga and meditation and how it has had a significant impact on his life and how it can help you! Check out Russell Simmons' full interview on where he talks about his new book in detail.

Throughout my personal journey I have discovered the benefits of meditation and yoga. Yoga and meditation are both equality as relaxing as they are needed in everyday life. A few minutes of silence and stillness a day can help improve your overall well being.

How to get started:
The best thing about yoga and mediation is that it's easily accessible to anyone, anywhere!

Free Options:

1. Meet ups, like is an amazing website where you can find likeminded people who are interested in the same things that you are. This is a great way to find free and or affordable ways to meet new people while learning yoga/mediation.

2. Free outdoor classes
A simple google search can help you find free outdoor yoga/meditation classes in your area.

3. Youtube
Youtube is awesome because not only is it free, but this gives you have so many different options while allowing you to be versatile.

A few of my personal favorites on Youtube:


1. "Cheap Lazy Vegan"
One of my favorite Youtube channels dedicated to veganism is "Cheap Lazy Vegan," the founder Rose's Youtube shows you affordable ways to live a vegan lifestyle, while including grocery hauls, recipes and more.

2. "Hot For Food"
Lauren and John's Youtube shares amazing vegan recipes! I love this channel because not only does it show you meal ideas but it also gives a new face to what people think vegan food is suppose to look like.


1. Yoga With Adriene"
Adriene's channel is dedicated to yoga and helping you feel good. She is incredibly sweet and gentle and has different kinds of yoga videos ranging from "Yoga for when you're angry" to weight loss and so much more.

Guided meditations are my personal favorites, the amazing thing about a guided meditation is that it holds an intention for you while guiding you through the process. There are many guided meditation videos online that will suit your needs, these are my favorites.

1. Doreen Virtue
Doreen virtue is the founder of Angel Therapy among other things and is an amazing option if you are into spirituality and angels. Her guided meditations are meant to help you release blocks and uplift you.

2. Louise Hay
Louise Hay is the founder of and she makes incredible guided meditations and positive affirmation videos to help you help yourself. Some of her videos include, self love as well morning and evening meditations.

Other Options:

1. Books

2. Take a class at your local yoga/meditation studio.

If you need a little help with staying motivated this is your best bet.