British Man Banned From Using Coin-Operated Machines

Life is about to change for a British man banned from using any coin-operated machine for the next five years.

Russell Stansfield, 38, has a long history of thefts, the most recent happened earlier this year when he was caught stealing money from a parking meter near a hospital in Oldham, UK, the Daily Mail reports.

In order to stop Stansfield, a judge issued a Criminal Behavioral Order (CBO) this week that bans him from touching or using any coin-operated machines in the country. It is believed to be the first of its kind in the world.

The CBO allows certain exceptions: He can buy a subway ticket, but has to immediately move away from the machine. Also, he can use a pay phone, but only in emergency situations.

“It’s just weird if I’m honest, there are so many things I can’t do. If I’m at the hospital for hours for example I can’t buy any food from the machines,” he said, according to the Manchester Evening News. “At least I have an excuse not to pay for things."

Stansfield is currently unemployed and told the Evening News he is sorry for his previous crimes.

"It was a means of survival. I was desperate and going through a tough time,” he told the Oldham Chronicle.



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