Russell Westbrook Makes Luke Ridnour Fall With Crossover In Thunder-Timberwolves Game (VIDEO)


While the first day of the NBA season delivered a few thrilling finishes, a heckling Santa Claus and an armload of staggering dunks, we had to wait until the second day of games to see a defender completely embarrassed and have his ankles severely broken.

From everyone (but the Ridnour family), Russell Westbrook, we thank you.

During the final seconds of the first half in Minnesota's season opener against Oklahoma City, Westbrook took had the ball at the top of the key with Timberwolves guard Luke Ridnour defending him. Ridnour appeared well aware that he was overmatched as he guarded Westbrook and overplayed the All-Star's initial move.

With eight seconds left, Westbrook faked left and used an incredible crossover to make Ridnour trip over and fall on his side. He then attacked the basket and made a tough layup with his right hand before time expired.

Maybe Ridnour should take a lesson from Orlando's J.J Redick, who fell victim to killer crossovers twice within a week last season and shook both incidents off with a smile.


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