Scott Brooks Explains Why It's Kevin Durant's Fault For Not Scoring 50 Points Against Sixers (VIDEO)

Don't blame Scott Brooks for the fact that Kevin Durant didn't reach 50 points on Tuesday night.

As the coach of the Oklahoma City Thunder saw it, Durant's missed free throw cost him a shot at the milestone and not his spot on the bench throughout the fourth quarter. The three-time NBA scoring champ had 42 points in three quarters as the Thunder led by 22 heading into the final 12 minutes but Brooks decided to sit him for the rest of the game.

“I follow the league, I watch a lot of games, I saw [LeBron's] game. It was a phenomenal game. I don’t judge other teams what they do. Kevin had a special game. There’s no question. He had 42 points. If he would’ve made his free throws he would’ve had a chance for 50. It’s his fault. I would’ve ran one more play for him to get 50 if he would’ve made his six free throws," Brooks said, per Royce Young of "But I don’t do that. Not that I’m complaining. We had a 22-point lead. And I thought the game was comfortable in our favor.”

Following Oklahoma City's blowout win over Philadelphia, Russell Westbrook wondered aloud what Durant's point total could have been if he played in the fourth quarter. Westbrook, who recorded the second-fastest triple double in NBA history, thought Durant actually could have scored 70 points.



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