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Russell Wilson Doubles Down On Claims That His Water Prevents Concussions

Just stop it.

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is standing by his belief that Recovery Water, a water brand he's an investor in, will prevent football players from sustaining a concussion. 

In a Rolling Stone feature published on Wednesday, Wilson claimed that drinking Recovery Water healed a January head injury. On Thursday, he went a step further, tweeting that the water also prevents concussions

Wilson has yet to provide any medical proof for his claims, because, as his agent noted in the Rolling Stone piece, there isn't any. The player spoke to reporters after Thursday's Seahawks practice and responded to the doctors, concussion experts and journalists who've been critical of his Recovery Water sales pitch

"I didn't have a concussion," Wilson said. "I guess it was perceived wrong. I did not have a concussion. I was saying that I had been consistently drinking the water for a month and a half -- five, seven times a day. And I was like, 'Man, maybe this stuff is helping me out.'"

"I didn't have a head injury, but what I was trying to say is I think it helped prevent it," he said. "I think your brain consists of like 75, 80 percent water, so I think that just being hydrated, drinking the Recovery Water, really does help."

To recap: There's water in our brains, so drinking Recovery Water helps prevent concussions. Got it.

Part of what Wilson is saying is important though. Hydration is a very, very good thing and can be achieved through drinking tap water, which is way better for you and the environment than shelling out $3 for manufactured bottled water. Drinking water is a universally healthy thing to do. Football players, in particular, spend their summers practicing and playing in the heat, which is only compounded by their pads and helmets. These guys need their water.

What they don't need, however, is one of their peers telling them that his water brand will prevent concussions. 

Not even Recovery Water will back up Wilson's words. In a statement given to The Huffington Post on Thursday, nothing regarding head injuries or concussions were addressed. Instead, the company has chosen to underscore the benefits of hydration, albeit with their water brand:

Hydrating with Reliant Recovery Water helps to jumpstart recovery from injury and muscle related stress while also decreasing symptoms of fatigue.

After Thursday's practice, Wilson said teammates like safety Kam Chancellor and lineman Russell Okung drink the product, too. In the Rolling Stone profile, Wilson noted that one of his teammates had used it to miraculously heal a bum knee. Could Wilson have been referring to the Chancellor's pre-Super Bowl XLIX knee injury? 

Two days before February's Super Bowl, Chancellor tore his MCL in practice, but the injury wasn't revealed until after the game. Chancellor played against the Patriots and recorded 10 tackles, but was evidently not at full strength.

Presumably, here's how Wilson might've convinced his All-Pro safety to play on a torn MCL:

"[The knee injury] affected me a lot,” Chancellor said on 710 ESPN Seattle radio’s “Brock and Salk” in June while reviewing his Super Bowl performance. “As much as I tried not to show and, you know, play through it, it was hard."

There you have it: Recovery Water does not heal torn muscles or help head injuries, despite what one overzealous company man will tell you.  


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