Russert Convicted Libby

'Libby is guilty.' That is the first sentence of my last post on February 15. What made me able to predict that Libby would be found guilty before the lawyers made their final arguments was Tim Russert's testimony. Russert wasn't just Fitzgerald's best witness, Russert was Fitzgerald's whole case. Without Russert, Fitzgerald had nothing. Russert was the only prosecution witness Fitzgerald mentioned in his victory press conference.

Sure, the indictment included counts not related to Russert's testimony, but Fitzgerald never would have brought those counts without Russert as the linchpin of the indictment. An indictment with Matt Cooper as the star witness would have left too much reasonable doubt for a jury, and Fitzgerald knew that.

Has the day arrived that all the Russert haters on HuffPo will say thank you to Tim Russert?