Russia 'Bomb Proof' Toilets Unveiled In Response To Terrorist Attacks

A spate of deadly bomb attacks in Moscow have prompted city officials to introduce new "indestructible" public toilets which are vandal and terrorist-proof.

As CNN is reporting, the state-of-the-art restrooms will feature basins made from ultra-strong fibrous concrete and fittings built from a mixture of steel and reinforced plastic. "If somebody will leave a bomb inside the lavatory and it explodes, then the toilet won't be destroyed," Anatoly Ashikhmin, an official involved in the project from the Moscow State Department of Building Maintenance, is quoted as saying.

The new unisex toilets, which are set to be put into service before the end of the year, boast another advantage: the temperature inside will never drop below 16 degrees Celsius (roughly 60 degrees Fahrenheit), the Telegraph reports. An extra security feature of the restroom is that members of the public will be able to spend a maximum of 30 minutes inside before the doors automatically open and an alarm sounds.

The toilets are being introduced following a series of terrorist attacks on Russia's capital. In January, a suicide bomber struck the city's Domodedovo Airport, killing 37 people.