Russia First Foreign Military to Use Iran's Soil Since WWll

Iran Constitution's article 146 stipulates "The establishment of any kind of foreign military base in Iran, even for peaceful purposes, is forbidden."

Nevertheless, Iranian leaders appear to have violated this crucial article. No foreign power has used Iran's soil and territories as a base for military operations since the second World War. But, this week, according to Reuters, Russia revealed that it has used Iran's territory, Hamadan air base, as a military base to bomb Syria. Iran immediately responded with fury, first denying the move, and later calling Russia's move as a publicizing tactic and "betrayal of trust."

Although Iran might appear to be sending a message to its rivals that Russia is still with Iran rather than with them, the revelation of this military deal by Moscow is a considered a blow to the Islamic Republic's nationalistic slogan of "independence". That is why Iran attempted to keep it the deal quiet but Russia had different calculations.

The fact that Russia has set military feet in Iran for the first time since 1917, is an indication of the notion that Russia remains the indispensable global power.

President Obama and his administration appear to, as usual, deny that they knew anything about this military action in order no to deal with this issue and in order not to criticize Iran.

Russia is also sending several messages to other Middle Eastern countries that Moscow is a more reliable partner than the United States; that Moscow comes to the assistance of its allies and friends by cooperating with regional nations, by using advanced military equipment, and by launching military strikes to defeat whoever endangers the power of its allies.

Finally, since Iran cannot afford to lose Assad, its staunchest ally, Tehran is doing everything it can, even violating its own Constitution and ideals - by allowing foreign countries use its soil for military purposes - in order to keep Assad in power.

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Dr. Majid Rafizadeh is an American political scientist, business advisor, best-selling author, and the president of the International American Council on the Middle East. Harvard-educated, Rafizadeh serves on the advisory board of Harvard International Review. An American citizen, he is originally from Iran and Syria, lived most of his life in Iran and Syria till recently. He is a board member of several significant and influential international and governmental institutions, and he is native speaker of couple of languages including Arabic and Persian. He also speaks English and Dari, and can converse in French, Hebrew.

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