Russian Politician Bullies Female Journalists (VIDEO)

Russian Politician Bullies Female Journalists

A Russian politician appeared to threaten a female journalist in a video that has sparked outrage this weekend.

In the video, Vladimir Zhirinovsky is giving a press conference when he shoves one of his aides into a female reporters, including one, RT's Stella Dubovitskaya, who is pregnant. As the aides grab the women, Zhirinovsky approaches the group and begins yelling and pointing fingers at them. After berating them for more than a minute, he waves them out of the room.

You can view the entire episode here or above.

According to RT, Zhirinovsky ordered his aides to "rape" the reporter, then told her that pregnant women shouldn't be working. He also reportedly used several homophobic slurs.

The Daily Mail reported that Dubovitskaya had to be taken to the hospital for shock following the tirade. RT told the Daily Mail that they are considering legal action against Zhirinovsky, who later issued an apology for his behavior.

Zhirinovsky is the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party and the deputy speaker of the Duma. As EuroNews reported, many are calling for him to resign. According to RT, the Duma's ethics commission will review the incident.

The BBC notes that Zhirinovsky is known for his frequent and intense outbursts.

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