Russia Smussia!

Okay, so clearly the 64,000 question is, what the hell is up with President Trump and Russia? If Trump is innocent of any wrong doing with regard to Russia, then he is the worst innocent guy since O.J. Simpson. The truth, or at least fragments of the truth, will probably start dripping out during the Robert Mueller investigation. Here is my guess as to roughly how we wound up where we are. Probably at some point during the 1990s Donald Trump started borrowing heavily from Russian banks. So after Trump gets seriously ass deep in debt to Russia, they, and by “they” I mean Putin, decides it's time to get some major leverage on Trump. Lets say video of, I don't know, maybe Trump and some hot young Russian ladies having marital relations outside of wedlock. Then, they not so subtly let Trump know that they have this video, and will use it if, Heaven forbid, Trump should wrong them in any way. Like not pay back what he owes them. They may even imply that if he becomes president, he could possibly work off some of his debt by favorable decisions involving Russia; maybe something to do with Syria, maybe turn a blind eye to abuses in Ukraine, who knows. So when Trump does decide to run for president, all the above would explain why he is outright belligerent to some world leaders, yet soft as a kitten when it comes to Russia. During the campaign Russia probably let Trump know, in one way or another that they were going to help him get elected. This would accomplish a couple of things. First, it would make him at least vaguely complicit in the election hack, thus giving Russia even more leverage on him. Secondly, it would make Trump even MORE in debt to Russia. (Putin) As far as any hard evidence of Trump colluding with Russia on the election hack, I doubt that will be found. Simply because the Russians didn't need much help from Trump to do that, and they probably doubted Trump's ability to keep his mouth shut. Donald Trump is NOT a good man to enter into a conspiracy with! His next tweet will be something like, “Just entered into conspiracy with Putin... had some REALLY good chocolate cake for dessert!” Will all this stuff with Russia bring about the impeachment of President Trump? Probably. But it will take a long time and we still have years worth of weirdness ahead of us. And if it does lead to Trump's impeachment, remember, it takes a two thirds majority in the House to remove a president from office. The only two presidents who were impeached, Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton, both survived impeachment and finished out their terms. So it's entirely possible that Trump could be impeached, and then, thanks to a Republican majority in the House and Senate, keep his job. And if ever there was a president who could be impeached TWICE it's Donald Trump! And that's just during his FIRST term! If nothing else, it would at least be nice to see the video of Trump and the Russian hookers. If you think Justin Beiber is popular on Youtube, just wait until the Donald Trump sex tape drops!... it will break the internet!... it will be my screen saver. Replacing the guy getting dragged off the United Flight. They say the job of president ages the office holder. In this case, I think the Trump administration will age us, the American citizen. While Trump, like Dorian Gray, will stay right where he is. Interesting times.

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