Fox News Guest Makes Head-Spinning Ukraine-Russia War Comparison

"They figured out a way to slip in some racism," one viewer said of the exchange on Laura Ingraham's show.

Reductive? Racist? Ridiculous? Take your pick.

A Fox News guest on Laura Ingraham’s show Wednesday compared Russia’s invasion of Ukraine to the Crips vs. Bloods gang war. (Watch the video below.)

The host set up conservative activist Ned Ryun of the American Majority political group with a clip of top American Gen. Mark Milley, who noted that it was up to the Ukrainians to decide “how and when or if” they decide to negotiate with the Russians. Ingraham accused the U.S. of letting Ukraine dictate America’s foreign policy.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy “is a corrupt oligarch who’s a psychopath who clearly wants to drag us into nuclear war,” Ryun said. “Putin’s a thug. Fair enough. But people are trying to frame this argument as a fight over democracy and freedom and as an age-old fight. I’d consider it more Bloods vs. Crips.”

“We’re actually funding it,” he added, claiming that Americans are being used “as an ATM.”

Without provocation Russia invaded a free and sovereign Ukraine in February but has been met with stiff resistance from the outmanned and outgunned nation.

Tensions mounted this week after a missile from the conflict killed two people in Poland. Initial reports suggested it was fired by Russia, but NATO and Poland later said that was unlikely, pointing to the probability that it was a Ukrainian air-defense missile that accidentally landed in Poland.

Fox News’ Sean Hannity drew criticism for calling on Poland to immediately attack Russia based on unconfirmed reports of a Russian incursion into Poland.

Viewers vented about Ryun’s gang analogy, with one writing: “Wow. They figured out a way to slip in some racism.”

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