Russian Ambassador Uses 'Harold And Kumar' Photo To Depict A Terrorist

And Kal Penn "can't stop laughing."

The Russian ambassador to the United Kingdom must be high if he thinks actor Kal Penn is a terrorist. 

Alexander Yakovenko claimed on Twitter Wednesday that the U.S. had threatened "to stop helping Iraq against ISIL if Baghdad asks Russia for help," referring to the Islamic State militant group. 

"The terrorists must be rejoicing," Yakovenko added.

The tweet included an image of a smiling "terrorist": A still from the 2008 stoner comedy "Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay," featuring actor Kal Penn in a fake beard:

This is funny for a few reasons. First, neither Penn nor Kumar, the pot-smoking protagonist he portrays, is an actual terrorist. In the scene Yakovenko picked, a paranoid airplane passenger is imagining Kumar as a terrorist. This leads to disaster:

The ambassador's tweet is also funny because Penn is a former White House official. The U.S. doesn't generally let terrorists work in the White House.

Penn responded to this high-level diplomatic fracas Wednesday with a few tweets of his own:

That last photo is of Ivan Drago, the fictional Soviet boxer played by Dolph Lundgren in "Rocky IV."

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