If The Russian Army Choir's Cover Of 'Skyfall' Doesn't Make Your Jaw Drop, Nothing Will

WATCH: The Russian Army Choir Puts Adele's 'Skyfall' To Shame

Get ready for four full minutes of absolute astonishment.

In the video posted above, a few members of the Russian Army Choir perform a heart-wrenching cover of Adele's already intense song, "Skyfall." Dressed in their starched uniforms and oversized military caps, the supremely talented men put Adele to shame, bellowing the lyrics to the most recent James Bond theme as if they were tiny, grammy-winning songbirds.

Suffice it to say, it might be time to quit your day jobs, boys.

In other news, Putin's government is still in hot water over its heavily criticized anti-gay legislation ahead of the Olympics. This "Skyfall" video may be the last bit of positive news we see from Russia for a while.

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