Russian Cannibal Satanists Given Jail Sentences For Stabbing Four Teens 666 Times And Eating Them

Cannibal Satanists Get Prison For Killing, Eating 4 Teens

Six members of a cannibalistic Satanist group in Yaroslavl, Russia were given jail sentences on Monday of up to 20 years for the murder and ritualistic eating of four teenagers.

The details of the case are so gruesome that officials closed the courtroom to the general public. The members, four of whom were teenagers at the time of the murders in June 2008, stabbed each of the victims 666 times as a part of their initiation ritual. They dismembered the bodies, cooked them in bonfires, and ate them before burying them in a forest nearby Moscow.

"Who gave them the right to take the lives of our kids?" said one of the victim's mothers from inside the courtroom. Family members demanded that the accused receive life sentences.

The Satanists were charged with murder, while 4 were accused of desecrating the bodies of the teens. One member, "Doctor Goth," Andrei Makovkin was convicted of murder as well, but was sentenced to a psychiatric facility after he was deemed to be criminally insane.

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