Russia 'Demon Squirrel' Stars In New Anti-Alcoholism Campaign (VIDEO)

A new Russian campaign targeting alcoholism and drunk driving has sparked controversy by featuring an unconventional new anti-hero: an animated squirrel who rants, sings and tries to climb the walls.

Though he may seem cute and cuddly, the furry star of the new ad couldn't be further from his Walt Disney predecessors. According to the Telegraph, the "demon squirrel" has bloodshot eyes and a haggard-looking tail, and complains of the shakes before offering to kill his neighbor's wife.

"Are you on the booze yourself?" the squirrel asks at the end, according to the BBC. "I'll be seeing you."

As the Telegraph reports, casting a squirrel in the new campaign was an ingenious move on the ad's creators. In Russian slang, delirium tremens -- the moment of inebriation when people start to get the shakes and to hallucinate -- is known as belochka or "a little squirrel." The clip has become an Internet smash, drawing more than 1 million views.

Watch video of Russia's "Demon Squirrel," via the Telegraph, here: