Russian Freeway Accident Really A Stunt?

A video that supposedly shows a car hitting a man and making him fly up in the air is driving a controversy on whether the accident was really a stunt.

The video, initally posted on, shows an unidentified man who is moving around his car, which is stuck on the right lane of a Russian highway.

At one point, he walks towards his trunk without paying attention to any cars coming toward him. In the footage, captured by a passenger in a car in the inside lane and published on Live Leak, he appears to walk around the side of the silver car when he is suddenly hit by a black car.

The impact is so strong that the man flies feet up in the air and does a complete somersault, according to the Daily Mail, which also reported that a woman’s voice can be heard on the video asking "What's that? Oh my god."

The man ends up hitting the ground hard, but, amazingly, only suffered a broken leg, according to "brrrtmn," the person who posted the video online.

The fact that the man suffered a relatively minor injury after being hit hard and thrown 10 feet in the air has caused the video to attract a lot of skeptics, including Steven Fabian, one of the hosts of RightThisMinute, a daily syndicated show dedicated to viral videos.

"Look at it carefully," he said. "The guy is hit and he flips. The way that his body reacts to being hit by the car. There's something fishy about it."

Co-host Christian Vera is also skeptical that the video is real.

"I thought it was really weird that he's suddenly flying in the air feet up," she said. "How did he go from standing straight up?"

However, co-host Beth Troutman is more concerned that someone would stage such a brutal accident in the first place.

"I don't know why someone would want to fake it, but I hope it is," she said.