Russian Official Fired For Forcing Boys To Kiss His Feet (VIDEO)

A Russian official has been fired after a video of him forcing a group of teenage boys to kiss his feet during a fitness routine surfaced recently on YouTube, according to reports.

The video, which is believed to have been filmed last March, shows Difkat Khantimerov, an official from the Bashkortostan region of southern Russia, taking charge of what appears to be a high school P.E. class.

Khantimerov is seen barking orders at a weary-looking group of teenagers in basketball uniforms as they struggle to complete a series of push-ups.

"Press harder," Khantimerov reportedly yells as he extends his foot for the boys to kiss as they hit the ground. "One! Two! Kiss the foot!"

Bashkortostan President Rustem Khamitov called the video "an outrage" in a statement released to Russian news agencies. The Guardian reports Khantimerov is defending his actions by claiming he was merely repeating a lesson he learned in the military.

Watch the video below: