Russian Pilots, Flight Attendants Smoke Pot Before Take Off

Pilots and flight attendants for Russian airline Yakutia have been accused of smoking pot before taking off on a flight to Moscow last month, a Russian news service reports.

The flight, which had 192 passengers, was delayed for 12 hours after the pilots' high blood pressure and rapid heart rates forced the airline to bring a new crew in to fly the plane.

While this might be the first time we've heard of pilots who got high before flying, it certainly isn't the first case of pilots flying under the influence. In fall 2010, a Delta pilot boarded a plane he was flying from Amsterdam's Schiphol with a blood alcohol level over the legal limit. And last winter, a Delta pilot attempting to fly a Boeing 767 with 240 passengers from Detroit to London was arrested and put in jail for six months for being drunk. Even Aeromexico had their own scandals to deal with last spring, when it suspended the licenses of two pilots, two co-pilots and a flight attendant for being under the influence on a flight from Puerto Vallarta to Mexico City. And earlier this week, a United Express pilot who flew drunk from Austin to Denver was sentenced to six months in prison.