Russian Spy Ring: PHOTOS Of The Alleged Spies' Homes

If the allegations against the 10 men and women detained Monday turn out to be true, Russian secret agents generally like their homes tidy, suburban and typically American.

The result of a nearly decade-long investigation by the F.B.I., the alleged spies who lived in the New York metro area -- as well as in Boston and Arlington, Virginia --mainly resided in neat, tidy homes in an effort to seem "Americanized," and hence gain access to U.S. intelligence which they could then transfer back to the Russian Federation.

The residences range from a soaring apartment complex in Arlington, Va. (home of defendants Michael Zottoli and Patricia Mills) to a two-story Montclair, N.J. estate that "Richard and Cynthia Murphy" purchased in 2008.

If convicted, the defendants face up to 20 years in prison for espionage and conspiracy to commit money laundering.

See photos of the alleged Russian spy ring homes here: