Russian Superhighway Would Link London And New York

Russian Superhighway Would Link London And New York

Sarah Palin is about to be one happy traveler.

No longer will she merely see Russia from her house, but soon she may be able to hop over without even boarding a plane thanks to a proposed railway and superhighway that could ultimately link London with New York, traversing Russia in the process.

It's all part of one innovative -- albeit quite lofty -- plan from Russian Railways head Vladimir Yakunin, who happens to be close buds with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

At a meeting with The Russian Academy of Science, Yakunin presented an idea for a train and road network that would stretch across Russia, linking on either end with networks in Europe and Asia, according to The Siberian Times.

The Academy's leader said there would be "opportunity" for the new railway to cross from Russia to Alaska through the Bering Strait.

Thus, the superhighway would theoretically make it possible to travel from London all the way to New York, with a route that might look vaguely like this:

But before you get too excited, remember that there are a few kinks in the plan. The Alaskan city of Nome -- where the Russian railway would potentially link with the U.S. -- is not well-connected to the rest of Alaska, let alone the rest of the country. And let's recall that there have been reports of plans like this at least twice before, with neither coming to fruition.

Maybe we'll just take a plane, after all.

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