Awkward Russian Wedding Photos Are A Whole New Level Of WTF (NSFW)

Awkward Russian Wedding Photos Are A Whole New Level Of WTF (NSFW)

When you open up a wedding album, you are bound to find at least a few corny pictures that feature the obligatory hand-holding on the beach and a backwards glance from the bride as she walks through a meadow.

Judging from the pictures below -- which we can only describe as WTF? -- we can safely say that Russians aren't afraid to break the mold when it comes to their own wedding photos.

(H/T Sad and Useless )

Meet the "little woman."

Meet the meat.

Groomzilla's on the attack! Run for the hills!

How... romantic?

Any good wedding photo should inform viewers that carbs can kill.

It's okay, you don't have to do that. You really don't!

Transformers and explosions are a precursor to a happy married life.

Meanwhile, in Russia...

"Swan Lake" takes on whole new meaning.

Not trying to burst your bubble...

Here comes the bride, all dressed in insane sparkles.


A classy lady.

A short-lived wedding.

Holy cow!

No Russian wedding is complete without an accordion.

See, told ya so.

Where can we buy that painting?

A wedding is a party, after all.

Let the drinking festivities begin.

A strong groom makes for a strong marriage.

To the window, to the wall?

This made sense at the time, we're sure.

Why? We couldn't tell you.

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