14 Recipes For Rustic Tarts, Galettes And Crostatas

14 Pies Without The Plate

Many people find baking a pie intimidating -- that it's too complicated to get the dough shaped perfectly for laying into the pie plate, and there's crimping or fancy lattice work -- but not all pies are that difficult to make. Think rustic tarts -- they don't even require a pie plate to make. First, you roll out just one sheet of dough (since there's no top) as perfectly or imperfectly as you like. Then you add the fruit filling in the center and fold over the edges of the dough. Voila! You are ready to bake. In Italian they call this type of free-formed tart a crostata, and in French it's called a galette. The foreign names may sound fancy but the result is far from it.

See our collection of rustic tart recipes from our blogger friends in the slideshow below. You'll see that the crust can pretty much be the same in every recipe with just slight variations but almost any fruit works well as a filling.

Nectarine Galette

Rustic Tarts, Galettes And Crostatas

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