Ruth Bader Ginsburg Wows Instagram Users With Fabulous Glittery Look

"Look at this queen with her sparkly shoes," one user wrote of the Supreme Court justice's look.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg brought some pizazz to the Library of Congress on Friday night.

The 86-year-old Supreme Court justice presented the inaugural Ruth Bader Ginsburg Woman of Leadership Award to philanthropist and arts patron Agnes Gund in Washington, D.C. ― and she did so with a little extra sparkle.

In an image of the event shared by lifestyle guru Martha Stewart, Ginsburg can be seen sporting a pair of glittery silver pumps with white stockings, a matching black dress jacket and trousers. Fans in the comments section were very much into her bedazzling footwear.

“Look at this queen with her sparkly shoes,” one Instagram user remarked.

“Omg RBG’s shoes,” said another.

“I love you RBG. You sparkle and I am not just talking about your shoes!” another fan commented.

CNN White House correspondent Kate Bennett gave the shoes an excellent rating of “Yes. All the yes.”

And NBC Universal executive Mike Sington shouted out the resemblance to Dorothy’s ruby slippers in “The Wizard of Oz.

The feminist icon has often turned heads and won headlines with her bold fashion choices. She’s been known over the years to sport statement necklaces, fishnet gloves and unique heels, and she glows up her traditional black robe with embellished collars.

One particular collar ― known as the “dissent collar” because she tends to don the accessory on days she disapproves of high court decisions ― has become so popular that the brand that makes it, Banana Republic, has reissued the style under the name “Notorious Necklace.” (After the nickname coined by her fans, The Notorious RBG.)

Ginsburg famously wore that accessory on the day following the 2016 election of President Donald Trump, even though no court decisions were handed down that day.