Ruth Sherman: TSA Strip-Searched Me, Too, At Kennedy Airport (VIDEO)

Two days after 85-year-old Lenore Zimmerman came forward accusing the TSA of "strip-searching" her, another elderly woman has come forward with the same claim.

88-year-old Ruth Sherman, of Sunrise, Florida, has come forward accusing the TSA of "invading" her privacy at JFK airport over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Sherman told CBS News that she spent a week in New York along with her family over Thanksgiving. The trip ended on a sour note when, she claims, TSA agents wanted to check the bulge of her colostomy bag.

"This is private for me. It's bad enough that I have it," she told the station. "I had to pull from my sweatpants and I had to pull my underwear, my underwear down...You don't do that anybody. I felt like I was invaded."

Sherman claims that she complained about the incident to JetBlue and told her family but wanted to go public with the story after seeing Zimmerman on television complaining of a similar incident at the same JetBlue terminal at JFK.

While the TSA apologized to Zimmerman on Sunday and denied any wrong-doing in her case, the TSA told CBS that they will look into the new accusations by Sherman.

The elderly have had a bad run with the TSA this year. In July, a former bladder cancer patient revealed that an invasive search by the TSA left him covered in his own urine after his urostomy bag broke during a patdown. Also in July, a 94-year-old woman was forced to stand for a patdown at the Raleigh-Durham airport.