Ruzilya Khusnutdinova Sues Ex-Boyfriend Vladimir Dranovsky For $16 Million For Posting Her Profile On Prostitution Site

Ex-Lovers Battle In $16 Million Suit Over Prostitution Site

Ruzilya Khusnutdinova says she is no prostitute -- and those who present her as such will have to pay. Big.

Khusnutdinova, 24, is suing her ex-boyfriend, dentist Vladimir Dranovsky, 42, and an escort website host for $16 million in a story that has become grist for New York City tabloids.

Khusnutdinova claims in the suit that out of revenge for her leaving him, Dranovsky posted a smutty profile and pictures of her on the prostitution service, then sent the page to immigration agents so they would deport her. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement authorities eventually showed up at her Brooklyn door and questioned her for hours. “I’m scared . . . surprised and shocked,” she told the New York Daily News.

Dranovsky denied the accusations, telling the paper his ex was trying to extort money from him.

Meanwhile, the profile and pictures, allegedly taken during a Lake George getaway when the two were still lovey-dovey, remained up as of Wednesday afternoon. The racy photos appeared to be removed from the original profile but were transferred to another page, HuffPost confirmed.

Lawyer Alena Shautsova told The Huffington Post on Wednesday that her client deserves compensation for distress.

"My best hope is that the court will rule that Mr. Dranovsky would not undertake any actions toward her in the future of a criminal nature and that the website would issue an apology and take down the pictures and profile," the attorney said.

Despite a cease-and-desist letter, Shautsova surmised that Primal Ventures, the host of, would not delete the profile because it makes money whenever someone clicks on it. One of the pictures shows Khusnutdinova posing on the bed in a black thong and bra, and she touts her "touchy breasts." The description also says she enjoys being urinated on and is available for $200 to $600 an hour. (Both the phone and email contacts are false.) Khusnutdinova said the handwriting on the profile application belonged to her ex.

According to the suit, Khusnutdinova arrived in the United States in 2009 after studying biochemistry at Kazan Chemical University. She met Dranovksy on a Russian dating site, moved in and he promised to improve her immigration status, reports Courthouse News Service.

She left him in 2011 when he allegedly got rough, filed a restraining order against him and filed another when the agents visited her home and asked whether she was a call girl.

There's already court history here. The Daily News reports that Khusnutdinova once accused Dranovsky of trying to extort $4,000 for the return of her passport. Originally charged with grand larceny, Dranovsky pleaded to a lesser charge.

The $16 million suit was filed Oct. 2 in Brooklyn Supreme Court. Attorney Shautsova was not sure whether Dranovsky had been served yet, but she has an outcome in mind. "He damaged her," she said to HuffPost. "On that alone, she has a good chance of winning the lawsuit."

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