FBI Probing Claims Ryan Adams Exchanged Explicit Messages With Underage Girl: Report

The singer has rejected the allegations, saying he "would never have inappropriate interactions with someone I thought was underage."

The FBI is probing claims that allege musician Ryan Adams sent sexually explicit messages to an underage fan, The New York Times reported on Thursday.

The development comes just a day after the outlet published shocking allegations against the celebrated singer. Seven women described a long history of Adams’ abusive behavior and manipulation, accusing him of sexual impropriety. In one of the more severe claims, a young girl only identified as Ava said she exchanged thousands of messages with Adams when she was between the ages of 14 and 16, some of which were sexually graphic in nature.

Adams has denied the claims, painting the Times article as inaccurate and saying he “would never have inappropriate interactions with someone I thought was underage.”

The Times’ report cited an unnamed law enforcement official with knowledge of the probe, saying the bureau has taken the first steps to open a criminal investigation following the newspaper’s reporting. Investigators will likely move to speak with Ava and obtain any text messages she sent with Adams.

Adams’ attorney, Andrew Brettler, told HuffPost that his office had not been contacted by law enforcement, but said he couldn’t provide any further statement. HuffPost has reached out to the FBI for comment.

Ava, who is now 20, told the Times through an attorney her family is still considering how to proceed after the media story. She has reportedly shared more than 3,200 text messages exchanged with Adams from when she was 15 and 16 with the outlet, including some in which Adams repeatedly asked Ava about her age. At one point, he said he “would get in trouble” if anyone found out about their communications.

She said that at the time she told Adams she was older than she was.

The Times’ report also detailed claims that Adams was abusive and manipulative to aspiring female musicians. The singer Phoebe Bridgers accused the singer of encouraging her career, only to rescind the offer when they called off a brief relationship. She said he later invited her to open for him on tour, but exposed himself to her in his hotel room during the first day of the collaboration.

Adams’ ex-wife, the actress Mandy Moore, also claimed the musician was emotionally manipulative during their marriage, which ended in 2016.

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