Ryan Adams Perfectly Covers 'Summer Of '69' By Bryan Adams

Ryan Adams isn't known for having a sense of humor about the fact that he's just one "B" away from sharing names with a certain Canadian rock star.

Adams -- Ryan, that is -- reportedly pulled out his wallet, gave the fan a $30 refund and ordered him out.

Performing Tuesday night at that very same venue, Adams offered a nod to the incident by playing "Summer of '69." Giving the song an acoustic spin, Adams turned the rousing '80s anthem into a melancholy tune much more reflective of its lyrics.

Last year, Ryan Adams covered another Bryan Adams song, playing "Run To You" at the Arlington Theater in Santa Barbara:

As for that 2002 show, Adams -- Ryan, that is -- may have gotten something of a bum rap. Sara Quin of the duo Tegan and Sara, who opened for Adams that night, later said that it was no mere song request that got the heckler booted.

"It wasn't like this guy was suddenly, like, 'Hey! Play 'Summer Of 69.' He'd say shit between every song and be noisy and shoot off his mouth like a total asshole every chance he got," she told Now Toronto later that year. "We were playing this amazing place where everyone was completely quiet, and people in the audience were telling him to shut up. Ryan finally confronted the dude 'cause he was ruining the show for everyone else."

Quin said Adams actually had a sense of humor about the whole Ryan-Bryan thing.

"Tegan and I teased Ryan about Bryan Adams and he didn't care," she said.

According to Billboard, the theater's manager stopped the fan on his way out, apologized and let him back in. He got to see the rest of the show, and he kept Adams' $30.

As Tegan and Sara would say... "Everything Is Awesome."