Smooth Criminal Seduces A Detective In Gay Homage To Film Noir

The "Light Me Up" video puts a queer spin on the Hollywood gangster genre.

Singer-songwriter Ryan Amador and musician Daniel Weidlein put a queer twist on the Hollywood gangster genre with the video for their new song, “Light Me Up.” 

Part of the Los Angeles-based pair’s music and video project, “(In) Body Vol. 1: Becom(in)g,” the clip is a sensual pas de deux between Charles South and Nathan Madden. Amador, who previously tackled gay themes with the music videos “Define Me” and “Spectrum,” told The Huffington Post that sonically, the tune reminded him of 1940s-style film noir. 

“We set out to make a video that played with something recognizable from the past but with a gay twist, since those classic genres rarely depict queer relationships,” Amador said. The result was partly inspired by the dance film, “Dead Dreams of Monotone Men,” he added, and features choreography by Broadway’s Ryan VanDenBoom.  

“We wanted to make something that was as sexy and quote-on-quote ‘masculine’ as the moves of Justin Timberlake or Channing Tatum, but add the complexity of man-on-man attraction into that same recognizable narrative,” he said. 

Watch the video for “Light Me Up,” directed by Mark Solomon, above. Don’t miss the rest of “(In) Body Vol. 1: Becom(in)g” here



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