Ryan Amador Releases Video Celebrating 'Spectrum' Of Sexuality

Where do you fall on the spectrum of sexuality?

We first heard about signer/songwriter Ryan Amador in 2013 when he released his song "Define Me." Now, the queer artist is back and here to challenge traditional notions of identity with his track "Spectrum." Amador's new song is all about self-definition and identification.

"The 'Spectrum' video is a celebration of diversity and the broad scope of different colors we see among human beings in relationships," Amador told The Huffington Post in an email. "I felt that the message of my song 'Define Me' got a bit lost amidst its supportive momentum; the idea was not that I am a gay man, but that I am a self-defining man and have the creative power to choose my own definitions. I find sexual diversity lives on a scale that includes a broad scope of options one could make, much like a 'spectrum' would reflect a diverse array of colors on the color wheel. My hope is that when people watch this video, they too can celebrate in our planet's natural complexity, feel some love for their individual self and see we are all just loving each other on the same big white bed."

Check out the video for "Spectrum" above.