Ryan Braun's Inside-The-Park-Home Run Fail: Brewers All-Star Falls While Rounding Third (VIDEO)

Brewers Star Face Plants During Failed Inside-The-Park Home Run

If an inside-the-park-home run is considered one of the rarest and most exciting plays in baseball, we guess that tripping after rounding third on your way to an inside-the-park-home run has to be much rarer.

Brewers All-Star Ryan Braun pulled off just this feat Wednesday night as Milwaukee played against St. Louis in a match-up of the top teams in the NL Central. In the bottom of the third inning Braun got a hold of a Jake Westbrook offering and drilled it to left center. The ball bounced around the outfield and it appeared that Braun had a free path to a "quadruple." Unfortunately for Brewers fans however, just as the throw made its way to the cut-off man, Braun took a spill on the third base path and was subsequently tagged out.

Braun received a standing ovation from the Milwaukee fans in attendance, including Reggie Miller, who appeared to be in disbelief over the play. We're not sure if Mr. Clutch ever pulled such a blunder during his career.

But cementing that this was a truly strange night in baseball, in the top half of the next inning Cardinals pitcher Jake Westbrook hit his first career grand slam--and his first career home run for that matter. The Cardinals went on to win 8-3.

Both plays were certainly unique, and Braun's spill will forever give Brewers fans the chance to say, "I remember the time when..." whenever they see another inside-the-park-home run from this day forward.

WATCH: (Video courtesy of SportsGrid)

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