Ryan Buell's Cancer Battle: 'Paranormal State' Star Opens Up About Pancreatic Cancer

"Paranormal State" star Ryan Buell was only 29 years old when he was delivered the shocking news that he had pancreatic cancer. Now the 31-year-old paranormal investigator is opening up to People magazine in a candid first-person essay about his battle with cancer, which also claimed the lives of beloved male celebrities like Patrick Swayze and Steve Jobs.

Buell writes:

"At times, I was experiencing almost like a traffic jam in my body and my kidneys would shut down or I'd be in insane, intense abdominal pain, like I was being stabbed to death. I was throwing up constantly, suffering fever, changing of the skin. It took some time to get things under control. I was grateful for this preventative measure as opposed to breaking out the hacksaw and just going straight in…"

Buell added that his work as a paranormal investigator led to some unusual conclusions about the "demonic" spirits that he said could possibly be trying to kill him:

"There is this belief that once the demonic notice you, they will remember you, they will torment you, punish you. And one person who was allegedly under possession once said, "It knows me. It knows my face, it will never forget, it will always find me." Maybe the demons did give me cancer. Maybe demons give everyone cancer...

And if they can do everything, including deciding when to kill me, which is also beyond my control, I'm not going to stop suddenly doing this work. I have thought about that and people have asked me things like, "Aren't you afraid that demons are going to attack you?" But I just choose not to worry about that. Because then I give them power."

For more of Buell's harrowing account, click through to People magazine.

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