Bodybuilder Ryan Crowley Tears Chest Muscle Doing Bench Press (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

"I’m keeping as strong and positive as I can," Crowley wrote after surgery.

Bodybuilder Ryan Crowley tore his chest muscle off the bone in a horrifying weightlifting accident. Video of the injury has gone viral.

One side of his chest can be seen giving way as he takes on a barbell loaded with heavy weights on an incline bench press. NOTE: This video is graphic and some readers may find it disturbing.

The spotter who got the barbell off him, powerlifter and bodybuilder Larry Wheels, aka Larry Williams, posted the video and later shared a photo with Crowley after surgery in a Dubai hospital.

“Surgery was a success!” wrote Wheels, who organized a GoFundMe for Crowley to offset the cost.

“Thankyou so much brother for everything!!,” Crowley wrote in the comments. “Thank you so much to everyone for the support and donations, it means the world to me.”

Crowley, who’s U.K.-based, wrote on Instagram that he tore his “pec tendon off the bone.” He said Wednesday that he’s been discharged, but faces a long recovery.

“It’s been extremely devastating, painful and very mentally and physically impossible, but I’m keeping as strong and positive as I can,” he wrote on Instagram. “I’m still in a lot of pain right now, my whole body is swollen from my toes to my hands, my stomach is extremely bloated and literally has a sack of fluid and inflammation, which literally wobbles as I move.”

He hopes to “get back on the bodybuilding stage.”

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