Ryan Dolan, Gay Irish Singer, Releases 'Start Again'

WATCH: Just Try To Watch This Video Without Crying

Just weeks after coming out of the closet, Ryan Dolan, a former contestant in Ireland’s Eurovision Song contest, has released an emotional new music video about growing up gay.

Called "Start Again," the video and song follow the experiences of one young, bullied gay boy in his school and the emotional toll this treatment by others take on him. As previously reported by The Independent, Dolan openly discussed his own experiences growing up gay in his Irish school at the time of his coming out.

“In school I was confused about who I was, and it was really hard for me growing up because of that," Dolan said. "It was hard to deal with because I knew that I was gay, but I couldn't get the courage to talk to someone about it... Thinking back now I wish I would have came out about it a long time ago. I think my youth was wasted worrying all the time about it. If I had been more open back then I would have been happier... I never attempted suicide, but it was a thought in my mind."

Dolan also previously told reporters that if a parent thinks their child is gay, to ask them in order to reassure them that there is nothing wrong.

Check out the video for "Start Again" above. The song will officially be released on March 7.

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