Ryan Dunn Driving Drunk During Deadly Crash, Toxicology Report Reveals


An official toxicology report has revealed that late "Jackass" star Ryan Dunn was drunk at the time of his fatal car crash early Monday morning.

Dunn's blood alcohol level was at .196, double the legal limit in Pennsylvania; he was found to be going between 132-140 mph when his car sped off the road, collided with a guardrail and was sent hurtling into the woods. Dunn had posted photos of himself drinking on Twitter just hours before the crash.

Also killed was his friend Zachary Hartwell, a 30-year old military veteran and friend of Dunn's.

On Monday, movie critic Roger Ebert posted a remark calling Dunn a jackass for drinking and driving; he later clarified, if not apologized for, the remark.

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