Ryan Gosling & Eva Mendes Cause A Stir At Brock University Graduation (VIDEO)

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes caused quite a stir after they were spotted at Gosling's mother's graduation ceremony on June 6.

The celebrity sighting was a huge surprise for the graduating students and their loved ones at Brock University in St. Catharines, Ontario.

According to the St. Catharines Standard, the couple sat near the back of the auditorium and were often seen whispering to each other throughout the ceremony. When the 31-year-old actor's mother, Donna, was called to accept her diploma, Gosling lept to his feet, clapping and taking photos.

Can we just say "awwww"!

Gosling and Mendes weren't incognito and fans reportedly lined up outside the auditorium after word got out on Twitter that the famous couple were in their midst.

When approached by the Standard, Gosling wasn't up for giving an interviews, telling the paper, "This is my mom's day."

Gosling didn't want to take focus away from the other graduates either, according to university spokesman Kevin Cavanagh. "He requested privacy for himself and his family. He told me this was his mom's day and the graduates' day. He didn't want to be a diversion," he explained.

Gosling did his best to stay under the radar, but his best intentions were no match for the power of Twitter. Starstruck onlookers, were pleasantly pleased with the celebrity at their celebration.

While Twitter user Christina Dunn, wrote: "Ridiculous...I thought I saw Ryan Gosling yesterday and was like nahhhhhh, and now to find out he WAS here! Gah. #neverknow."

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