5 Ryan Gosling Facts That Will Make You Say 'Hey Boy'

Hey girl, Ryan Gosling turns 34 on Nov. 12, so here are five facts about him that are better than anything you could dream up.


He's a handyman IRL, too.

Gosling's character, Noah, in this little movie called "The Notebook" -- not sure if you've heard of it -- restored a house to win back his true love. Well, turns out the real-life Gosling is a handyman too. For the film, Gosling told People he had an apprenticeship with a carpenter, and ended up making the Adirondack chairs that sit in front of the house as well as a table that Noah and Allie (Rachel McAdams' character) "consummate their relationship" on. For "Drive," Gosling restored the old Malibu that he drives in the film.

Yes, he was in the Mickey Mouse Club, but he was totally the group rebel.

It couldn't get any more innocent than the Mickey Mouse Club, but little Gosling raised as much hell as a 12-year-old Mouseketeer possibly could. He and Justin Timberlake stole golf carts and drove them into MGM Studios, and Gosling even played spin the bottle with Britney Spears. Some mothers complained to Disney after Gosling proved to be a bad influence on the girls, telling them about "positions and stuff," he told The Guardian.

Don't worry, though. He's got a heart of gold.

Gosling has traveled to the Congo with the Enough Project, a nonprofit organization dedicated to ending genocide. He's also contributed to philanthropic causes like Invisible Children and the SickKids Foundation. Oh, and he once broke up a random fight between two guys on the streets of New York.

The dude is musically inclined, too.

He's in a band called Dead Man's Bones. He sings vocals and plays piano, guitar and bass guitar. Oh, and back in 1991, he brought the freaking house down with his rendition of "Everybody Dance Now."

There's a bathroom stall in a San Diego sushi restaurant entirely dedicated to him.

Bang Bang, a sushi restaurant/dance club in San Diego, created quite possibly the best marketing strategy ever when they decided to cover the walls of a women's bathroom stall in photos of Ryan Gosling. Behold, in all its glory, the Ryan Gosling bathroom:

Bonus fact: His last name means baby goose. Lol.

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