Ryan Gosling 'Hey Girl' Meme With A Twist Is Our Birthday Present To Ourselves

If you've read HuffPost Women in the last year, you've probably noticed that we're medium-obsessed with the Ryan Gosling "Hey, Girl" meme. Danielle Henderson, the graduate student who started Feminist Ryan Gosling, is a subject of minor worship in our corner of the newsroom. Even the shiksas among us swooned over Hey Girl, Happy Hannukah, and we're consistently impressed by how Lit Agent Ryan Gosling manages to reach an audience far beyond the New York publishing scene. ("Hey Girl, I know you ain't feeling it today. That's why I'm so proud to see you at that desk, doing what you do best. Cheers.")

Women's editor Margaret Wheeler Johnson saw "The Hunger Games" in part to understand the captions in the Hunger Games Gosling Tumblr, and Hey Christian Girl gave us pause this week, but hey, whatever does it for you. We created what Vanity Fair might consider (but is not) an entire vertical devoted to these memes. We are clearly buying the book.

It's probably not shocking, then, that our fondest wish on HuffPost Women's first birthday is for the Gos himself to show up at our desks with something flirty-yet-sage inscribed on his chest. But since that's probably not going to happen (you are still free to surprise us, Ryan -- we'll be here alllllll day), we decided this might be an appropriate juncture to send him a few messages of our own.

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Hey Ryan, It's Our Birthday