Ryan Gosling Hey Girl: Valentine's Day Edition (PHOTOS)

"Hey girl" is a simple salutation that conjures images of a smoldering, pensive Ryan Gosling in the minds of every 20-something girl (and boy) who's followed the megawatt Internet meme since its 2008 inception. Well, the time has come to take that meme and let it soar on the wings of love. Consider this a special gift from us to you on Valentine's Day.

A meme, of course, is a cultural joke or motif that circulates widely via social-networking sites. And given Ryan Gosling's ruggedly handsome face, it's no surprise that the comely actor's likeness continues to turn up on more than a few Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter accounts.

Gems like "Hey girl, don't worry. If I go jewelry shopping for you, I'll bring your BFF to help pick" and "Hey girl, sometimes I get so sad when we can't watch 'Golden Girls' together" have undoubtedly helped secure the "Crazy, Stupid, Love" star's status as the ultimate ladies' man.

Check out "Hey Girl: Huffington Post Celebrity Edition" below:

Ryan Gosling "Hey Girl"