Ryan Gosling Replaced Hugh Jackman In 'Drive' & 16 Other Actors Who Almost Got The Part

Ryan Gosling Almost Didn't Star In His Signature Movie

It's hard to imagine Ryan Gosling being Ryan Gosling without "Drive." The 2011 film became the quintessential example of Gosling's particular brand of performance: laconic, whimsical, child-like and cool. Gosling's so Gosling-y in "Drive" that it's almost impossible to picture other actor playing the film's lead role. Crazy enough, though, that almost happened: Before Gosling made "Drive," Hugh Jackman was attached to the project.

Gosling, of course, isn't the only actor with a near-miss like that on his resume. Ahead, 16 other iconic roles that were almost played by different actors.

23 Major Roles That Almost Went To Other Actors

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