Ryan Gosling Meme Makes Women Everywhere Happy On Friday

It may be Friday, Friday -- the day that according to Rebecca Black we all "gotta get down" -- but here in New York it's gloomy and gray outside.

After a full week of working hard, sometimes it's difficult to motivate yourself through the last few hours. Luckily, when you start to doze off and get tempted to head to the coffee machine for your third (or fourth ... or fifth ... ) refill, the Internet steps in and makes something appear that is guaranteed to put a motivated smile back on your face.

Today, we found a happy-end-of-the-week gem on Twitter. Though our feeds have been flooded with the news of the (always devastatingly handsome) George Clooney's arrest, along with Buzzfeed's #clooneycrimes hashtag, this tweet from @GoslingLitAgent was too wonderful to go unnoticed. Ryan Gosling, you have officially won the battle for the hearts of the HuffPost Women team. Congratulations. Enjoy this tweet, readers -- and have a wonderful Friday.

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