Ryan Gosling & Olivia Wilde Dating? Pair Spotted At Aquarium (VIDEO)

With flipcams now prevalent, no celebrity is safe. Even in Cincinnati.

Ryan Gosling and what looked to be Olivia Wilde were seen together -- and caught on tape -- by an eagle-eyed fellow aquarium-goer recently. They were a bit touchy feely, but that could mean they're just friends, right?

Perhaps. But they were also seen getting awfully close at an Oscars after party on Sunday, according to E! Online, as evidenced in the photo below.

Again, they could just be close friends. But Wilde did recently announce that she was separating from her husband, Tao Ruspoli, so she's currently available. As is, presumably, Ryan Gosling, who never did confirm that rumored relationship with his "Blue Valentine" co-star Michelle Williams.

Then again, Gosling did go to a Cincinnati-area Zoo with Evan Rachel Wood on Tuesday, though Wood is in town to film a movie with Gosling; Wilde had no reason to be there, other than the scenery.

If it is true, Gosling may have to get ready for a quick escalation of things; Wilde and Ruspoli eloped after just six months together, and got married on a school bus.