Ryan Gosling, George Clooney On 'Ides Of March': Made Me Wet My Crotch; Tells Funny On-Set Stories

When Ryan Gosling is your coach, not much can go wrong.

As ladies man extraordinaire, he teams up with an all-star cast of Steve Carell, Emma Stone and Julianne Moore, in 'Crazy Stupid Love' and it's sure to impress. The trailer alone is making fans gaga for Gosling.

Promoting his latest film, heartthrob Gosling leaked some eye-brow raising behind the scenes details.

The actor spoke of working closely with Stone, relaying some interesting anecdotes about their 'dirty dancing scene' but it was his countless pants-less scenes with Steve Carell that Gosling found more interesting.

"Steve insisted on that, which I though was really weird," he said to Extra. "It's in his contract. 1. Red jelly beans in his trailer. 2. Ryan has to have his pants off in every scene I'm in. What?"

His joking relationship with Carell lead to confessing the supreme pranks of his 'Idles of March' co-star, George Clooney.

"He will come up to you and tell you something very serious, and then you walk away and you realize your pants are wet. He's had like an Evian spray bottle. He's been spraying your crotch the whole time," he said.