Ryan Gosling Quotes: The Actor On His 32nd Birthday, In His Own Words

On His Birthday, Ryan Gosling Speaks For Himself

Ryan Gosling is a man who lets others speak for him -- literally. It all started in December 2008, when the Tumblr F*ck Yeah! Ryan Gosling appeared featuring messages like "Hey Girl, Let's cuddle on the couch. I want to hear about your day." superimposed on images of The Gos.

The Gosling meme as an Internet genre really took off with graduate student Danielle Henderson's creation of Feminist Ryan Gosling, a Tumblr (and later, a book) that had Gosling offering flirtatious commentary on feminist theory.

After that, The Gos talked to us all the time. There was Silicon Valley Ryan Gosling, Museum Hey Girl, Hey Girl, Happy Hanukkah and Hunger Games Gosling. We even created several of our own -- we were especially proud of Hey Girl, Affordable Care Act.

But the thing is, Ryan Gosling does actually speak, and appears to be not just talented and insanely attractive but also a fairly thoughtful human being.

Ryan, we spoke to you on our birthday; now that it's yours, it's high time to give you the floor. Happy 32nd!

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LOOK: 32 Things Ryan Gosling Has Actually Said

On adulthood:

  1. 1

On adolescence:

  • ryan gosling
  • On how growing up around girls impacted him:

  • 10
  • More on that:

  • 22
  • On ballet:

  • ryan gosling
  • On what moves him:

  • 4
  • And speaking of the magical world of Disney:

  • 20
  • On the girl we wish he would marry:

  • 5
  • More on liars, and REO Speedwagon's "I Can't Fight This Feeling Anymore":

  • 19
  • On how he knows a character is right for him:

  • 21
  • On his hordes of fans:

  • 6
  • On masculinity:

  • ryan gosling
  • On a photo shoot he did for Interview magazine:

  • 29
  • On filming "Blue Valentine":

  • 9
  • On what makes a great sex scene:

  • 11
  • On recovering from "Blue Valentine":

  • 8
  • On the "Ides of March" poster:

  • 12
  • On how far he's come:

  • 13
  • On his career trajectory:

  • 30
  • On that other Ryan:

  • 14
  • On preparing for his role in "Crazy, Stupid, Love":

  • 15
  • On men's magazines:

  • 16
  • On "Crazy Stupid Love" director Nicholas Refn:

  • 31
  • On getting older:

  • 17
  • On romance:

  • 18
  • On the constant publicity:

  • 32
  • On his accent:

  • 23
  • On Hollywood self-absorption:

  • 25
  • Comparing Hollywood and politics:

  • 24
  • On the media's tendency to focus on the more superficial aspects of his career:

  • 26
  • On dating:

  • 27
  • On "strong female characters":
  • 28
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