Ryan Gosling Really Did Break Up A Fight In New York City (VIDEO)

We couldn't say for sure that the "Crazy, Stupid, Love" star really was the hero ... until now.

OMGICU tracked down Valerie Herrera, the YouTube user who filmed and uploaded the video, and she confirmed that, yes it was in fact Ryan Gosling who saved the day.

Herrera explained to the guys at OMGICU that the fight, which actually took place June 24th, started when one man stole a street vendor's painting. The fight, she says, moved into the middle of the street and soon after Gosling stepped in.

"[Gosling] really did save the day," she said, adding that she accidentally turned her camera off.

But it's what we didn't see on camera that's the truly the most heroic part of the story.

According to Herrera, Gosling took the two fighting men to the corner and asked them what happened. When Gosling learned that one man was being accused of stealing the other's painting, he asked the vendor how he could make things right.

"He dug into his wallet and took out a $20, gave it to the guy," she explained. Gosling asked the vendor, "Does this settle his debt now?" The vendor agreed and Herrera says they all just went their separate ways.

There you have it, Ryan Gosling: official hero.