Ryan Gosling Can Not Stop Laughing During SNL Sketch About Aliens

A break for the history books.

Ryan Gosling was a very charming -- and giggly -- host on "Saturday Night Live" this weekend. 

The actor could not keep it together during one sketch in particular, "Close Encounter," about three alien abductees who have very different experiences with their captors.

Kate McKinnon can make even the best of them break.

While it's rare to see "SNL" stars breaking character during sketches -- producer Lorne Michaels is famously against it -- the times it does happen are usually true delights for viewers. 

During the show's 40th anniversary special earlier this year, Adam Sandler and Andy Samberg paid tribute to the best "SNL" breaks in history with the digital short "That's When You Break." Former cast members Jimmy Fallon and Horatio Sanz got a special little shout-out for their legacy of outbursts. 

Maybe Gosling's sketch will make it into the 80th anniversary look back.

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