Ryan Gosling Once Had The Weirdest Turkish Massage Ever

It really didn't leave him relaxed.

He just wanted to de-stress with a Turkish massage. But the Hollywood actor ended up even more tense, after getting a mouthful of hairy belly.

The father-of-two recounted the bizarre tale on "The Graham Norton Show," which aired in the United Kingdom on Friday night.

"I had an awful experience," said Gosling, who was promoting his new movie "The Nice Guys" alongside co-star Russell Crowe.

He said the male masseur took one of his legs and an arm and tried to connect them behind his back. But it all went downhill from there.

"As he was doing this, his belly went in my mouth and you know when you have something strange in your mouth your brain sends your tongue to figure out what it is?" Gosling asked. "My tongue was like, 'What is that? It's a hairy belly!' It was traumatic."

Check it out in the clip above.