Ryan Gosling In 'Walt': The Fake Walt Disney Biopic Poster Created By Pascal Witaszek (PHOTO)

Ryan Gosling Stars As Walt Disney In Fake Biopic

Is Ryan Gosling starring as Walt Disney in a Disney biopic directed by Ron Howard? Sadly, no. But after looking at this mock movie poster for "Walt," the story of "a mouse and a man," created by French artist Pascal Witaszek, it might just need to happen.

In an email to The Huffington Post, the artist says that his tribute to Disney and Ryan Gosling is a part of his biopics series. "It seems that a lot of people share this funny association between two talented people," Witaszek says.

Maybe instead of investing $250 million in making box office bomb "John Carter," Disney should have thought about making this fake Walt Disney biopic into a reality.

Click the gallery below to see more of Pascal Witaszek's biopics series, including a stunning vision of Olivia Wilde as Liz Taylor.

Pascal Witaszek's Biopic Series

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