Ryan Gosling's Workout Ethics And Diet While Filming 'Only God Forgives'

Hey Boy.

Ryan Gosling's "like-you're-Photoshopped" pectorals may not be the only reason why fans felt he was robbed the of "People's Sexiest Man Alive" title, but they certainly didn't hurt. Now his trainer for the upcoming flick, "Only God Forgives," reveals a few insights into what keeps the 31-year-old so fit.

"Ryan's pretty disciplined and enthusiastic, and above all, he loves his training," Kui Puk, owner of the Muay Thai Academy of America in North Hollywood, told Life & Style magazine.

"He trains for around two hours at a time -- it's pretty nonstop," Puk added.

The particular type of training Gosling is doing is called Muay Thai, which the actor described as "painful -- I like it a lot."

The movie, about a British gangster who engages in Thai boxing matches with a Bangkok cop, will reportedly be filmed in Thailand for five months this year. And it appears as if he's already adjusted to the strict diet.

"I've recommended that he stick to a traditional Thai diet of fish, green vegetables and rice. I can tell he's sticking to it," Puk said.

Check out some flashback photos of Gosling below:

Ryan Gosling