Ryan Heffington: KTCHN Performance Will Be The Artist's Most Elaborate Endeavor To Date

If you've spent as much time as we have wondering what the electric dancer Ryan Heffington does when he's not teaching Sweaty Sundays in Silverlake, then you're about to have all your questions answered.

Heffington's latest project, entitled KTCHN, is set to open in May and will feature some of the most talented dancers in LA, one-of-a kind couture costumes and larger-than-life sets.

After falling deeply in love with New York-based contemporary artist Nolan Hendrickson's paintings, Heffington envisioned creating a performative installation that was based in dance -- or as he puts it in the video above, a "cross between a fine art exhibition, theater, dance performance, drag show and a rock concert."

The piece will be shown at the Mack Sennett Studios in Silverlake, an old silent movie soundstage that was built in 1914. Drag, dance and silent movie history? How much more LA can you get?

With the help of Indiegogo, Heffington is out to raise $30,000. So far, Heffington and the KTCHN crew have raised $12,000.

Read more about the project here.